LG Electronics launches TV - refrigerator

Mumbai: LG Electronics today announced the launch of a hi-end product in the India, the world's first TV refrigerator with a 13-inch hi-definition TFT LCD TV in the centre of its door.

The 600-litre capacity, TV DIOS, also has a built-in radio tuner providing access to FM stations and is supported by built-in speakers. It uses silver nano-antibacterial and nano-carbon deodorizing technology which has won us the 'KT new technology mark.' Thus, this refrigerator brings together the best in food preservation and storage with multi-media functions as a quintessential digital home appliance.

The launch of the product in India is aimed at strengthening the digital products portfolio of LG Electronics Digital Appliances Company (DAC) in the Asian sub-continent. The product will be marketed by LG India (2003 turnover: Rs. 4,500 crore) a leader in the frost-free refrigerator category in the country with a market share of 32.6 per cent (source: ORG GFK, January 2004).