LG's rolling robot entertains children and pets

LG, which unveiled its modular phone at this year's Mobile World Congress, also revealed plans for a 360-degree camera and a robo-babysitter called the Rolling Bot. 

Users can control the Rolling Bot remotely over a Wi-Fi network, which according to LG could also be used as a home security product.

The Rolling Bot's Pet Care feature also allows users to monitor and even talk to their pets when they are away from home. They can also focus a a small laser beam onto the floor for the pets to play with.

The Rolling Bot can be operated by an app on LG's new G5 handset.

The G5 is expected to go on sale in early April, though, LG admitted the Rolling Bot was still 'five to six months away'.

The stand-out feature of the conference, the modular LG G5, features a removable battery slot among other features such as a camera and a speaker capable of being slotted into this area with the battery at the base of the phone.

According to the Korean firm's president Juno Cho, the new device was 'an adventurous theme park in your pocket'.

The ball robot runs on two wheel, though its centre is supposed to remain pointing in the same direction.

The device comes with an 8MP camera up front, with 15-degrees up / down movement. It has two embedded infrared remote sensors that allow users to control their home appliances (TVs, stereos, air conditioners). It has built-in speaker and microphone for remote conversations.

LG had not yet announced a release date or a priced line for the robot, but it could be released to coincide with the LG G5's global release. It had been suggested that the LG G5 could be coming in early April.