Kinetic equips the Blaze with disc brakes

Chennai: Perhaps for the first time in India a scooter is equipped with disc brakes is being introduced in the market.

The Kinetic Blaze, the first of the Italiano bike series rolled out by Kinetic Motor Company Limited a few months ago, will now sport several features usually associated with motorcycle technology like a 4-valve engine, advanced suspension (telescopic, twin-rear shock absorbers) and 220mm front-and-rear disc brakes.

According to Sarfaraz Nawaz, a Navi Mumbai-based two-wheeler aficionado who has test-driven the Blaze, "Because of its height and awesome pick-up, disc brakes would give the rider better control by improving its balance since the Blaze rides on smaller scooter wheels, unlike a motorcycle." Adds Nawaz, "The Blaze compares very well with the pick-up of most motorcycles."

Announcing the launch, managing director Sulajja Firodia Motwani, said, "This is another first from Kinetic group offering added safety to the Kinetic Blaze riders."

The group plans to launch three more scooter models next year.