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Johnson & Johnson Ltd. news
24 November 1999
  • Non Convertible Debenture - Rs. 100 million Rating : AAA (Reaffirmed)
  • Commercial Paper Programme- Rs. 300 million Rating : P1+ (Reaffirmed)

The "AAA" (pronounced 'triple A') rating assigned to the Rs.100 million Non Convertible Debenture programme of Johnson & Johnson Limited (J&J) has been reaffirmed. The "P1+" (pronounced 'P one plus') rating assigned to the Rs. 300 million Commercial Paper Programme of J&J has also been reaffirmed.

The rating factors in J&J's business and financial strengths arising out of its strong market position in the consumer and healthcare businesses, and its above average financial risk profile. The rating also factors in the support from its parent, J&J, USA, which has an outstanding rating of "AAA/A-1+" from Standard & Poor's.


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