Jet Airways pilots agree to tackle challenges faced by airline

Pilots of Jet Airways have agreed to work with the management to tackle the challenges faced by the airline during this “turbulent phase” when fuel costs are rising and the rupee is at an all-time low.

The National Aviator’s Guild, which represents the pilots, said on Saturday that it would work with the management to take find a solution for the challenges the airline faced.
“We are endeavouring to assist our company in facing these challenges by meeting with the management and being a part of the solution in achieving cost-efficiencies and enhancing our service standards,” it says. “Most of us have been loyal employees of Jet Airways and it would be a matter of pride to be a part of ensuring that it maintains its position as India's premier airline, here and abroad.”
The guild, which had earlier appeared defiant of the management, said it was confident of the sustainability of the airline, both on the short- and long-term basis.
“We advise members to help us achieve our common goals,” said the NAG. “Do not fall prey to rumours and baseless speculations and, in case of any queries, please feel free to call any committee member for clarifications.”
About two days ago there were reports that the NAG had asked its members not to accept the 25 per cent cut in salaries that the management had planned.
But Naresh Goyal, who promoted the airline, has been in talks with pilots over the past few days and has apparently convinced them.
The airline, which has been in operation for the past 25 years, has more than 16,500 permanent employees.