Infosys, Schlumberger in global IMS alliance for oil and gas sector

Infosys Technologies and Schlumberger have announced a global alliance to provide comprehensive information management solutions that integrate upstream technical and business processes for oil and gas companies.

The alliance will address a wide array of solutions, primarily focused on the integration of exploration and production (E&P) and petro-technical data and applications, including unstructured data, with financial and human resources back-end systems, in order to streamline operational and strategic business decision-making processes.

"Our customers are under tremendous pressure to accelerate their production and replace reserves. To achieve results, operators are looking at ways to reengineer their technical and business processes," said Olivier Le Peuch, president, Schlumberger Information Solutions "By aligning with Infosys, Schiumberger brings customers a much needed combination of technology, domain expertise, and systems integration capability-on a global, enterprise scale."

This alliance combines the E&P domain expertise of Schiumberger with the global delivery model (GDM) pioneered by Infosys to create an industry unique resource. Infosys' GDM reduces engagement risk as it takes work where it can be done best and makes the most economic sense, with the least amount of risk.

"Schlumberger is the leader in delivering breakthrough solutions to the upstream oil and gas industry," said Naren Koduvattat, head, Infosys energy business unit. "Infosys is at the leading edge of designing and delivering IT-enabted business solutions to oil and gas Companies, and our combined expertise will deliver powerful solutions to the E&P industry and our alliance will provide end-to-end solutions integrating petrotechnical data with other relevant business systems, which is atypical in the market today".

The two companies will build on the working relationship they have developed over the last several years. "Using comprehensive information management solutions supported by expert system integration services, oil and gas companies can increase productivity, better leverage their IT investments and enhance the effectiveness of operational processes,"added Le Peuch.