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Europe gets Infosys'' US expertise in B2B with Preis24 news
14 June 2000

India's leading IT consulting company, Infosys Technologies Limited, and today announced a B2B e-commerce alliance to develop solutions to lower procurement costs and drive new revenue opportunities for customers. is a Munich-based company founded in December 1999, with a wealth of expertise in marketing, finance, procurement and e-commerce. The flagship site of the company is, a neutral marketplace for all office requirements. The marketplace will later be offered as a solution for B2B e-commerce procurement and supplier enablement.

The marketplace will provide buyers and sellers of all types of office equipment, consumables, support services and telecom equipment a single, convenient point to connect with each other, transact, and better manage their supply chain. It also seeks to leverage buyer-power through demand bundling and reverse auctions to get the best prices from vendors. The site is focused on increased economies of scale and streamlined purchasing processes. The process is completely integrated with the customer's ERP, connecting each department and each purchasing individual. The site forms the basis of a comprehensive B2B e-commerce solution for suppliers and buyers.

Infosys will provide with its expertise in complex integration projects. In addition, Infosys will provide not only with its Global Delivery Model, but also the scalability and flexibility needs through its time-boxing model, a methodology for delivering rapid functionality to the business in timeframes the company specifies.

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Europe gets Infosys'' US expertise in B2B with Preis24