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Hikal, Rockwell in enterprise integration JVnews
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02 September 2002

Mumbai: In a significant move to enhance the productivity of the pharma industry, Hikal Ltd has tied up with Rockwell Automation, the leading industrial automation company, as an enterprise integration partner, for handling medium to large complex projects, integrating ERP systems with real-time systems. Hikal aims to provide information and control systems from shop floor to top floor.

Hikals IT division is strategically focused on increasing efficiency of pharma manufacturers by addressing issues like reducing costs, conserving resources, improving productivity and reducing the time to market for material goods and services. This is done by the total integration of the enterprise.

Hikal has a strong technical base in enterprise integration applications, including ERP, and communication, while Rockwell Automation is a leader in the automation and control system segment. Hikal possesses the domain knowledge and expertise in the pharmaceutical research and manufacturing segment and boasts of over 10 doctorates working in this field.

The synergy between Hikal and Rockwell Automation is a unique synthesis, which offers total industrial information technology and control solutions in the pharmaceutical area, including 21 CFR Part 11 compliant solutions.

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Hikal, Rockwell in enterprise integration JV