Google acquires Red Hot Labs

Google Inc has acquired Red Hot Labs Inc, a mobile startup that helps companies manage advertising on rival Facebook, bolstering its marketing tools on wireless devices, Bloomberg reported.

Red Hot Labs, provider of services under the Toro brand to app developers, willjoin the mobile ads team at Google, according to the search giant. The service is used by application developers.

Toro aims to bring best-in-class mobile marketing by guiding app companies through the process of setting up and helping them promote their apps on the Facebook advertising platform.

''With greater resources and distribution now available at our disposal, we're excited to join Google and continue our mission of making the lives of app developers easier,'' the start-up said on its website.

Google, which is looking to expand beyond desktop-based tools, is investing in new ways to help companies market on smartphones and tablets as users increasingly access digital services via wireless devices.

Meanwhile, reported that apart from helping developers in marketing their apps, Toro also provided a curated dashboard for each ad campaign that advertisers ran.

Developers also got to choose from over a dozen creative ad templates, and further customise to form their own. Toro's dashboard surfaces allowed developers to gain insights on which creatives led to the most installs.

However, as part of the acquisition, Toro would suspend campaign creation for the time being, but would continue to optimise campaigns and provide reports for existing customers.

In its blog post, the marketing company wrote, " For our existing marketing customers, we will continue to optimise your campaigns and update your dashboards, though campaign creation has been suspended for the time being. We recommend working with an alternative Facebook PMD for new campaigns going forward."