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Google launches Gmail cash transfers in UK

30 January 2015

British Gmail users can now send money to each other using Google's mail service, as the search giant has announced it is expanding the reach of Google Wallet's integration with Gmail.

People in the UK will now be able to quickly and securely send money to friends and family in the UK directly within desktop Gmail even if the recipient doesn't have a Gmail address.

Sending money via Gmail works much like sending an attachment. When the account is linked to a Wallet account, a pound () sign will appear in the same bar used to send attachments. You simply attach electronic cash to an email.

The service was made available in the US back in 2013; now it has expanded to the UK. One can only wonder when such a service will be introduced in India, where millions of Google users would welcome a hassle-free money transfer system.

Google Wallet accounts can be linked to bank accounts to let you transfer cash between your 'virtual' Google funds and your admittedly only-slightly-less-virtual bank account.

Users can also request money in Gmail by hovering over the attachment paperclip and clicking the icon to attach the request to a Gmail message.

First-time users will need to set up a Google Wallet Balance account linked to their debit card or bank account to receive their money. After that, money can be kept in he Wallet Balance for future sending, spending, or moving to your bank account.

The feature will be rolled out to all UK Gmail users over 18 years old in the coming weeks, with the icon making an appearance in the attachment options space.

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