Insurance options from Tata-AIG General Insurance for GoAir passengers

Tata-AIG General Insurance Limited and GoAir have come together to offer a number of insurance travel covers to GoAir passengers who booking their tickets online at

GoAir passengers will now have the option of buying insurance cover at a nominal premium of Rs129. Under the cover, a GoAir passenger will be compensated up to Rs10,500 in case of a flight delay beyond a specified duration.

In addition, the passenger purchasing insurance cover will be entitled to various benefits including Baggage Loss Reimbursement (up to Rs7,500) if baggage is lost while in the custody of GoAir on the flight for which insurance cover has been purchased.

Under the Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Benefit the passenger will be reimbursed the original cost of the GoAir ticket if the passenger buying the insurance cover needs to cancel or shorten their trip due to sickness, injury or loss of an immediate family member.

The Emergency Accidental Medical Benefit will reimburse medical bills (up to Rs100,000) if the passenger is involved in an accident during a trip and needs medical attention.