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GM’s Forester marks the return of Chevrolet brand in India news
Our Corporate Bureau
04 March 2003

New Delhi: General Motors India has unveiled the Chevrolet Forester, its first vehicle since it reintroduced the brand last month.

The latest offering from GM India is designed and built by Japanese All-Wheel-Drive specialist Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), which markets its performance-oriented products under the Subaru brand. It will be premiering at select dealerships across India from 10 March 2003 and will be available for deliveries immediately thereafter.

The Chevrolet Forester, manufactured by FHI, will be imported from Japan. GM Corporation, the parent of GM India, has a 20-per cent stake in FHI. Priced at Rs 15.59 lakh ex-showroom, Delhi, the Chevrolet Forester will be a very attractive alternative to D-segment cars and for those on the lookout for a vehicle with performance-oriented sports utility vehicle (SUV) traits.

Says GM India president and managing director Aditya Vij: “The Chevrolet Forester’s symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive system is truly one of the wonders of automobile engineering. It not only provides direct power to all four wheels at all times but also automatically matches the torque to each individual wheel, maintaining amazing traction and road grip. The horizontally opposed Boxer engine and the limited slip viscous-type rear differential allow for a well-balanced vehicle, making it ideal for wide range of driving conditions.”

The Forester has luxurious interiors with large cabin space. The cabin is an expansive 1,455 mm and there is more room to stretch out legs in the front and rear areas. The driver has the assurance of clear, easy-to-read instruments and an improved field of vision, while the passenger can make the most of dual cup-holders and plenty of storage, including an umbrella compartment.

In fact, the Forester combines luxury and practicality in its ergonomically advanced design visible in various features such as its body hugging captain seats for driver and co-driver. The safety of occupants is a key highlight of the Forester AWD. The antilock braking system (ABS), dual-front airbags and even the placement of the horizontally-opposed engine are some of the smart active and passive safety features.

Says GM Asia Pacific (Japan) president and representative director Raymond G Grigg: “In the Asia Pacific region, GM continues to build a strong base for growth by expanding its manufacturing footprint, forging strong alliances and tailoring products to local market conditions and needs. GM has recently introduced the Chevrolet in India. It will represent the smart choice in the mainstream market, delivering better value through styling, features and performance.”

Adds Vij: “India has been identified as one of the key growth markets in the region by the corporation. With this in mind, we are stepping up the speed at which we introduce new product and widen our product portfolio. So stay tuned. We believe that the Chevrolet Forester holds great promise for the uncompromising buyer.

“The SUV has earned itself a very high reputation in fiercely competitive markets like the US and the UK because of its unique features, powerful engine, convenient All-Wheel-Drive and precise handling. By introducing the Forester to the Indian market, we offer the customer the opportunity to select what we consider the best in its segment.”

GM India is a fully owned subsidiary of GM Corporation of the US with its state-of-the-art facility located at Halol, near Baroda in Gujarat. It is currently offering the Opel Astra, Corsa, Swing and the Vectra to its customers.

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GM’s Forester marks the return of Chevrolet brand in India