GE Healthcare unveils IT infrastructure initiative 'Managed Solutions'

GE Healthcare is creating the first IT infrastructure in the health sector, which will address the investment issues of healthcare providers.

Introducing healthcare IT solutions often entails substantial investment for healthcare providers, who have to also spend on regular updates of software, hardware and maintenance.

"Managed Solutions" from GE Healthcare relieves health care providers who need to integrate multiple locations or have expansion plans and reach masses through GE Healthcare IT solutions in India of the investments.

According to V Raja, president & CEO of GE Healthcare South Asia, India still lacked the infrastructure to enable more unified access across rural and urban communities. He added the company believed the unique managed business model would help transform the way healthcare is delivered in India.

GE's offering PACS-IW allows remote accessibility for radiologists to review images when they are away from the hospital and also allows instantaneous reporting on true DICOM datasets which significantly reduces overall costs.

PACS-IW, a multi-site link in itself, provides state-of-the-art features such as 3D reconstruction 'on the fly', advanced image formatting and integrated reporting. The solution is compatible with most standard PCs having internet access, has an extremely simplified end user workflow and creates a low maintenance teleradiology solution on its own.