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Encyclopædia Britannica unveils detailed study on Hindi cinema news
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07 March 2003
New Delhi: Encyclopædia Britannica (, a leading publisher of high-quality reference, education, and learning products, has launched Encyclopedia of Hindi Cinema.

At the launch of Encyclopedia of Hindi Cinema, noted film producer and director Yash Chopra lauded the company's efforts in their contribution towards providing valuable information on Hindi cinema. Editorial advisers Gulzar, Govind Nihalani and Saibal Chatterjee presented aspects of the narrative forms that have been defined and interestingly elaborated in the text.

Encyclopaedia of Hindi Cinema gives an informed view of the industry that is now an internationally acclaimed leader in the world of celluloid. The 34 essays, divided into four sections, present a comprehensive historical record of Hindi films with a perspective on the fascinating journey from the turn of the last century, the silent era, to the present in the first section; well researched and insightful information on the future and business of Hindi Cinema in the second section; and the narrative forms and analysis of the medium in sections three and four.

The text, therefore, effectively encompasses the various aspects of the industry's internal dynamics. This compilation of invaluable articles written by experts, who either have first-hand knowledge of the craft of filmmaking or have observed the industry from close quarters for decades, makes for fascinating and insightful reading.

The Encyclopaedia keeps the spotlight as much on the stars and directors as it does on films and movements. A special section on Milestones presents interviews with legendary Hindi film personalities, and finally a section with biographies of over 200 individuals whose contributions to Hindi cinema in their respective areas of specialisation have been second to none, add to the intrinsic value of this publication. The interview with the legendary actor Ashok Kumar was completed a few weeks before his death.

Remarking on the launch of Encyclopaedia of Hindi Cinema, Encyclopædia Britannica India managing director Aalok Wadhwa said: ''The Indian film industry has evolved over the decades in a most dynamic and fascinating process of growth and evolution. Our idea in publishing this book was to capture the big picture in a manner that is informative, scholarly and yet entertaining, without being clinical, sensational or judgmental.

''A 'first' once again from Encyclopædia Britannica India, Encyclopaedia of Hindi Cinema is a very well researched, excellently written in-depth presentation, and we are confident it will be appreciated by anyone who has any interest in the largest entertainment industry of India.'' This book is available at all major bookstores, at Rs 2,700.

In the past year, Encyclopædia Britannica India has introduced several new products, including Encyclopædia Britannica 2002 print set, Britannica Book of the Year 2002, the seven-volume Students' Britannica: India, the Britannica Quizmaster series, Bharat Gyan Kosh, India Book of the Year 2003, and the Britannica Concise Encyclopædia.

As Britannica develops one-volume titles it continues to move vigorously in the multi-volume encyclopædia market. Encyclopædia Britannica creates and markets products of the highest quality for reference, education and learning. The company recently published a revised printing of the 32-volume Encyclopædia Britannica.

First published in 1768, Encyclopædia Britannica is the oldest continuously published reference work in the English language. Britannica is also a leader in electronic publishing and now publishes encyclopædias and other works in many forms on the Internet, CD-ROM and DVD. The company is headquartered in Chicago and also maintains offices in London, New Delhi, Paris, Seoul, Sydney, Taipei and Tokyo.


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Encyclopædia Britannica unveils detailed study on Hindi cinema