Electrolux launches Fabriguard

Mumbai: Electrolux Kelvinator Limited (EKL), the Indian subsidiary of the Electrolux Group, has launched its new top-of-the-line washing machine — Fabriguard, with the unique Fabri Nourish System.

Fabriguard combines technology, aesthetics and performance, at a competitive price of Rs9,790. It comes equipped with a unique Fabriguard Pulsator for better washability and nine fabric sensitive wash programmes. The pulsator can be adjusted according to the wash programme and gives clothes a 360-degree vertical turnover, has an advanced soaking system resulting in a better mix of detergent, and a unique safety mechanism.

According to Ravi Katyal, assistant general manager, marketing, "Our latest offering, Fabriguard, comes with a unique Fabrinourish system. With the introduction of Fabriguard we have expanded our range in the semi-automatic washing machine segment. Today we offer three models in the semi-automatic segment and four in the fully automatic segment."

Fabriguard, is the only semi-automatic washing machine, which works like a fully automatic machine as it operates on hidden electronics. With this feature, it is the first washing machine in a semi automatic twin tub range, which offers nine wash programmes.

Electrolux also launched the Washy Talky recently, the world''s first talking washing machine, in three regional languages, Hindi, Tamil and Kannada. Washy Talky offers a number of unique features such as ''Digital Vigilante'', which consists of an interactive voice response system that guides the user step by step during the entire wash process, thereby enhancing the life of clothes. It even warns the user of any operating errors. Using artificial intelligence through ''Intelli Clean Logic'', the machine can sense the load weight and choose the optimum programme.