Electronics For You is 35

Mumbai: Asia's leading electronics magazine, Electronics For You (EFY), has completed 35 years of publication. With the readership exceeding more than half-a-million readers, EFY is India's largest-selling technical magazine. Set up in 1969 by S P Chopra, EFY has voiced its opinion on the electronics sector even before the industry had established itself in the Indian market.

Says Ramesh Chopra, managing director, EFY Enterprises: "The achievements accomplished by us rightfully belong to all those who have been instrumental in making EFY a success story. The credit goes to my colleagues — present and past — and to our patrons who have been supporting us and appreciating our efforts to help the industry through our publications."

EFY features the latest Indian and international trends in the electronics industry. It also updates readers about the existing products and new entrants in the electronics market. The magazine regularly overviews the developments taking place in the telecom and allied sectors and its impact on the Indian consumers, individuals as well as corporates, and the dealers operating in the electronics market. Besides tracking the movements in the industry, EFY maps interesting circuit-designing diagrams on various topics in an interesting and easy-to-understand format.

The content of EFY is not restricted to technical texts alone. In order to safeguard consumer interests against false and exaggerated claims by companies and present information that is more authentic, EFY has also introduced a Buyer's Guide that enables consumers to take the right buying decisions. The EFY Fast Movers section has become a definitive source of market analysis for consumer electronics industry.

Every month, 24 such product categories are analysed and the results are published in the EFY magazine. The magazine also caters to a large section of technical professionals, individuals and companies dealing with the electronics industry. The scope and content of the magazine interest electronics enthusiasts and students as well.

Driven by its constant endeavour to highlight and bring forth the leaders and prominent players in the electronics industry, EFY is instituting India's first electronics awards, EFY Annual Awards 2004, largest of its kind in the world, in terms of the number of nomination categories assigned. Nominations for 27 (out of 30) EFY Award categories have also been announced in the anniversary (January) issue of EFY.