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Airbus A380 approved to operate on 45-metre runways news
02 August 2007

Airbus'' A380 has received approval from both the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to be operated on runways with a width of 45 metres (150 feet) or more. Most of the airports today have 45-metre runways as standard width.

"This aircraft has been shown to be safely controllable and to be compliant with applicable airworthiness requirements when operating on runways with a width of 45 meters (150 feet) or more", said James J Ballough, director flight standards service, FAA.

"Since the very beginning of the A3XX concept phase in 1996 Airbus has established a sustainable dialogue with regulators, airports, airlines, ground handlers and pilots as well as trade-associations, with the objective to make it fully compliant with the average airport environments. We are pleased to see once more that this approach is bearing fruits."

The A380 has already visited more than 45 airports. By 2011, more than 70 airports will be ready for A380 operations, with the first A380 for Singapore Airlines arriving in Toulouse in mid-July after completion of the cabin installation.

The new aircraft series is currently undergoing final checks, prior to deliveries in October.

The company says subsequent aircraft for delivery to Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airlines and Qantas, are well on track.

Per passenger, the A380 is claimed to be as fuel efficient as a small economical family car.

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Airbus A380 approved to operate on 45-metre runways