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Ericsson offers satellite phones, solar towers to Japan news
24 March 2011

Telecom equipment maker Ericsson, in a bid to extend a helping had to quake-battered Japan, has offered to supply satellite phones and solar-powered towers to the Japanese government.

The Japanese economy has taken a huge blow from the recent earthquake and tsunami that have battered the nation causing massive loss of lives, property and communication lines and worse a few damaged nuclear plants.

Ericsson senior vice-president, business unit, CDMA Mobile Systems, Rima Qureshi said Ericsson had offered help to the government of Japanů adding the company had offered to provide satellite phones for fast communication as it was the major problem now in that country.   

Qureshi added that Ericsson had also offered to deploy solar power towers for communication and that Ericsson was ready to help Japan in whatever way possible as the company's corporate social responsibility and on humanitarian grounds.   

The World Bank has estimated that the damages due to the natural calamity could be up to $235 billion and the reconstruction efforts could take five years.  

On the estimates, the Japanese calamity would rank as one of the costliest disasters in recent times.   

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Ericsson offers satellite phones, solar towers to Japan