An auto component plant within an oxygen factory

Delphi TVS Diesel Systems has been practicing environment-friendly production even before the concept gained currency in India. Venkatachari Jagannathan reports.

Chennai: In India, a factory denuding a forest is nothing new. Similarly, a factory with Korean grass lawns and some crotons is also a familiar sight.

However, raising a forest around a factory is certainly new. That is exactly what has happened at Mannur near Chennai where Delphi TVS Diesel Systems Limited's plant is located.

Way back in '90s when the factory was being built, there was just one banyan tree. Though others were in favour of chopping it down to make way for the upcoming plant, Chopra insisted that the tree would not be felled and had the plant redesigned accordingly. Besides, a conscious decision was taken to plant trees around the factory.

With more than 2,000 trees - including coconut and mango trees attracting monkeys and birds - and three lily ponds, a virtual oxygen factory has been created along with a diesel fuel injection systems factory.

According to officials, the coconuts are used in the factory canteen, and the mangos are distributed amongst the employees.