Deloitte asks DGH and Compss to desist from using Kleenmaid database

Liquidators of the Australian company Kleenmaid have initiated an investigation into how another company gained access the appliance seller's customer database.

It is understood that a dozen former customers have reported receiving calls over the past week from a business that claims to have purchased the records. Customers say they are being offered discounts on replacement products.

Kleenmaid Group, based in the Sunshine Coast, collapsed about five months ago and placed itself into voluntary administration with debts of over A$67 million (See: Kleenmaid collapse leaves thousands in lurch)

The collapse left a large number of customers who had paid deposits or the full cost of kitchen and laundry equipment in the lurch and government authorities have started taking complaints from around 6,000 customers from Victoria to Queensland who had paid up to A$27 million in deposits for Kleenmaid appliances that the company failed to deliver.

According to Deloitte partner Richard Huges, the liquidator has neither sold the Kleenmaid brand nor its customer data to any other company.

Hughes demanded on Tuesday that DGH and Compass Capital Group, companies that claim to have purchased the Kleenmaid brand and its customer database desist from using making further use of the database and return it to the liquidators.