Dell denies rumours of exiting LCD television business

Mumbai: Dell, the world's No 2 personal computer maker, has refuted news reports of exiting the LCD market, saying, instead, they will continue to manufacture LCD TVs with sizes up to 37 inches, while larger TVs from Sony and others will still be available on their online shop.

"We will soon offer a wider assortment of televisions from leading manufacturers that feature the latest technology and meet Dell's high standards for performance," said Dell spokeswoman Rachel Lyon. "Nothing has changed from what we communicated in February."

Media reports in a Chinese language economic weekly circulating in Taiwan, said Dell would stop making Dell-branded LCD televisions this month. Dell Inc. is quitting LCD television business to focus on its core business of personal computers, under an overhaul planned by founder Michael Dell, the reports said.

Dell, which entered the market in late 2003 in a bid to become a more diversified provider of consumer electronics, currently sells a limited number of LCD TVs in a few markets, including Japan and the United States.

Cashing on its brand name, Dell entered the consumer electronics business in a big way launching digital MP3 players and digital cameras that were pulled out last year. Dell entered the LCD television market in late 2003, amid a broader wave that also saw cell phone giant Motorola enter the sector in a bid to become more diversified providers of consumer electronics.

Even HP has launched digital cameras, LCD and Plasma TVs and is cashing on the brand name.

However, Dell has denied it is leaving the LCD TV business. Although it did say, it is making changes to its TV business but will continue to make Dell-branded sets.