DuPont applies for regulatory clearance for two new fungicides

DuPont has applied for regulatory clearance in the European Union, represented by the UK,  and Canada and the US for for registration of its two new crop protection disease control products. 

These countries will conduct a joint review as part of an OECD work share project for regulatory harmonisation. 

The two new fungicides, Fontelis and Vertisan are intended to provide growers with preventive and curative disease control for a wide range of grain, fruit and vegetable crops.
''We look forward to providing these new tools to growers looking to maximise yield and quality with innovative answers to disease control issues,'' said Jim Collins, president, crop protection, at Du Pont in a statement.  ''These new products are another example of how DuPont Crop Protection is using market-driven science to help growers meet the global demand for increased food production.''

Submitting the regulatory package for the fungicides is a milestone for DuPont.  The company anticipates launching the new fungicides as early as 2011.  DuPont also plans to develop additional products based on the active ingredient - penthiopyrad.  Each of the new products will provide unique advantages to growers.

Fontelis will provide broad-spectrum disease control that threaten quality, yield and profitability in vegetable crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers; fruits such as apples; and peanuts.

DuPont Vertisan will provide broad-spectrum disease control in row crops, such as wheat, barley and soybean.  It is effective against a broad range of damaging plant diseases, including some diseases which have developed resistance to other fungicide chemistry classes.