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Dell to provide enhanced desktop security to government users news
03 February 2010

Dell said today that it will provide government customers with enhanced security for desktop computing systems through a new global alliance.

Dell has signed a deal with security firm Integrity Global Security under which a government agency can use a single physical system to access data of varying security sensitivities, network domains and / or user environments.

Through the agreement, Dell would become the  exclusive provider of Integrity's separation kernel for general-purpose secure computing to government agencies.

Currently, many federal agencies with data of various security levels must use multiple, physically separated systems as the only reliable option to keep information safe, resulting in complex infrastructures and extremely inefficient computing.

In addition, agencies can work on publicly accessible documents or access the Internet on the same systems they use when working on sensitive documents, with the sessions completely secured from each other. The Dell - Integrity Secure Consolidated Client Solution helps lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) by allowing customers to consolidate their hardware footprint, reducing IT infrastructure costs.

This solution gives Dell customers the same Integrity separation kernel technology that has been protecting high-value data and providing a high-assurance platform for military-embedded systems worldwide for more than 10 years.

Dell said the solution is designed to meet stringent government requirements for data separation, and is based on proven technology using the Integrity 178B Separation Kernel, certified by NIAP to EAL6+ and High Robustness, to be available on Dell OptiPlex desktop PCs, which are widely used by government customers.

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Dell to provide enhanced desktop security to government users