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Dell offers the first Multi-Touch Convertible Tablet and a larger solid state drive news
15 July 2008

Dell has announced the launch of the first convertible tablet with multi-touch functionalities in the US market. The company also announced the availability of a 128 GB solid state drive (SSD).

''We introduced the Latitude XT as a revolutionary product in the tablet space,''  said Jeff Clarke,  senior vice president, Dell Product Group, at the launch of hte new tablet laptop. ''Today Dell is taking that commitment to a new level with multi-touch functionality. We plan to finish this year with 50 per cent more products in our laptop portfolio and deliver innovation our competitors can't match.''

Dell Multi-Touch Convertible TabletDell has been one of the premier vendors to introduce capacitive touch and is now bringing multi-touch capabilities to the Latitude XT. The newer features include scrolling with  two fingers on the screen, moving them horizontally or vertically. This can help the users browsers on the web navigation, zooming by just touching the screen with two fingers and moving then together, programmable double tap to program a command such as launching a web browser or even turning off the screen to save power. 

The integration of multi-touch would allow the customers to use the full screen which is restricted in the Voodoo Envy 133 and Apple MacBook Air and also works with day to day applications such as Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Google Earth, etc.

Dell also announced the availability the the 128 GB HDD. The new solid state drive (SSD) helps solve the customer problem of getting a higher capacity ultra performance drive at a price similar to that of a 64GB SSD. The new SSD would be priced at $649.

Clarke said. ''With the introduction of the 128GB solid state drive, we're delivering capacity that meets the majority of our customers' needs with increased durability and reliability at a great price.''

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Dell offers the first Multi-Touch Convertible Tablet and a larger solid state drive