Cola rivals show solidarity

New Delhi: PepsiCo India Holding chairman Rajiv Bakshi and Coca-Cola India president and CEO Sanjiv Gupta say their products are of the same standard across the world, be it in India, the US or Europe.

Says Bakshi: "We are not worried about being within the laws in India. Our products are subject to stringent quality standards both internally and externally, from independent accredited laboratories."

Adds Gupta: "We are considering all options, including a legal recourse." He is, however, unwilling to comment on what will finally trigger the companies to file a lawsuit to stand by the quality of their products.

The officials say they are willing for inspections by "an independent, accredited authority comprising experienced people." But with the top brass of both the cola multinationals sharing the same platform to "guarantee" the safety of their products, the consumer, it seems, will stand to benefit from this entire exercise.