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Coca-Cola to unveil a new global ad campaign news
15 January 2009

Coca-Cola is in the process of unveiling a new global ad campaign. In the new ad, the tagline "Open Happiness" may well replace "The Coke Side of Life," which was launched in 2006.  

Coca-Cola's agency, Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, USA is creating ads for the campaign that are expected to roll out in the coming weeks. 

The ads, to be aired in more than 100 markets, will be used across a variety of media.

This effort is the latest example of Coke's efforts to make its programmes more scalable as it works toward increasing marketing efficiencies.

The Atlanta soft-drink giant has always focused on a theme of happiness, with taglines such as "Have a Coke and a Smile" in the 1970s. Later it went onto its "Live Positively" program, which encompasses recycling and water conservation efforts.

The new theme arose from a six-month "Project Next" spearheaded by new chief executive Muhtar Kent and global marketing officer Joe Tripodi.

Coke volume is growing in many parts of the world but slipped 3.5 per cent in US supermarkets, convenience stores and similar outlets in the first half of 2008.

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Coca-Cola to unveil a new global ad campaign