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Coffee Day slaps customer who finds roaches in food counter

28 March 2017

A Cafe Coffee Day staffer was caught on video apparently slapping a customer for video-recording cockroaches he found in the store's refrigerated counter. The incident happened at the Cafe Coffee Day outlet at Hawamahal, Jaipur.

In the video, which is doing the rounds on social media, the customer Arpan Verma found cockroaches in the counter where food items are kept. After finding that the refrigerator was infested with bugs, Verma complained to the staff and asked them to refund his money.

Unperturbed by Verma's complaint, the staff went on to serve the food from the same fridge and hid the fridge's portion where cockroaches and other bugs were present with menu cards.

"Being at the receiving end of the abuses and threats received by the employees I started recording the abysmal state of hygiene wherein the cockroaches and other bugs present in the fridge were captured in the video and also depicted the employees who did not pay any heed to the request [sic]," Arpan wrote in a post.

When he informed other customers about this, they refused to accept food kept in the contaminated fridge. This got the employees agitated and they asked him to leave, Verma wrote in the post.

Twitter user Nikhil Anand Singh, who says he is Arpan's friend, shared the video which is going viral.

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