Boeing debunks Airbus'' allegations

New Delhi: After Airbus alleged that there was something wrong in the way Boeing got the huge contract to sell fifty planes to Air India and wanted India''s Chief Vigilance Commissioner to look into the deal, Boeing has responded saying its deal with Air India was entirely clean and it is ready to cooperate with any investigation.

"They can look into whatever they like. A probe never happens after one is informed. A probe takes place without anyone knowing," said Dinesh Keskar, senior VP, Boeing. Boeing says the only reason it got the contract was because its planes are much better than what Airbus has to offer. Boeing claims:

  • Air India will earn about $180 million more in operating profits by using Boeing planes instead of similar Airbus aircraft.
  • It will save between one to two million gallons of aviation fuel per aircraft every year by flying Boeing planes.

"We have proven that we are better on all parameters such as fuel efficiency, seat capacity, landing charges," said Keskar.

The Boeing-Airbus war is not likely to end soon, with Airbus too facing allegations that it overcharged Indian Airlines for the same planes it sold to other Asian airlines.