Savile row: more skeletons tumble out of BBC cupboard

Thousands of witness statements were published yesterday by a panel enquiring into a scandal at Britain's venerable broadcaster BBC that has become known as the Jimmy Savile row.

The internal enquiry, chaired by former head of Sky News Nick Pollard, is looking into why a 'Newsnight' investigation into Savile's paedophile past was shelved.

Among the revelations is that a producer at the BBC proposed running an investigation into child abuse carried out by Jimmy Savile hours after the presenter's death. Producer Meirion Jones put up the idea soon after it was known Sevile was dead, an email showed.

Jones was involved in the aborted Newsnight investigation that prompted the inquiry.

He told BBC news bosses that some of the girls who had been molested by Savile were ready to talk about their experiences.

The email is among hundreds of documents and transcripts of interviews with senior figures that have now been released by the BBC.