BBC plans global launch of iPlayer news
24 October 2009

The BBC is planning to launch a global iPlayer so that viewers in the US can catch up on its top shows, according to its profit-making arm, BBC Worldwide.

According to BBC Worldwide the global iPlayer would enable the broadcaster to charge more for its premium content. It expects global audiences would not mind paying $10 for each episode of its excellent shows such as the Doctor Who spin-off Torch.

The global platform would also have historical material to offer from the BBC's archives and catch-up material from overseas channels.

The IPlayer initiative would however need to get the clearance from the BBC Trust which would require BBC Worlwide to first prove that it can bring in the cash from's 20 million registered American users.

BBC Worldwide also plans to cash in on the application in a big way by selling on several mobile platforms. According to Luke Bradley Jones, chief of the BBC Worldwide's digital operations in the US there is a much higher willingness to pay for content through BBC mobile apps, which will cost around $2.

The BBC Trust, on Wednesday, rejected plans to share its technology with other TV networks to let them create their own versions of iPlayer on grounds that it would not deliver value to licence-fee players.

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BBC plans global launch of iPlayer