Four UK newspaper website tie up with BBC

The Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Independent and Daily Mail Have become the first newspapers to embed BBC video news content on their sites.

The newspapers will be able to choose video material from the BBC's politics, business, health, science and technology news coverage that has already been generated for the BBC and has been published on BBC Online. The initiative has been taken so that the BBC works more effectively as a public service partner with other media organisations.

The step has been taken also to keep in touch with the way the public is consuming audio and video online. Audiences are increasingly expecting news content to be available wherever they are, rather than always having to navigate to destination sites.

The BBC also plans to make the same video news content available to other UK-based news websites. Other news websites will also be able to have access to this limited content in the future.

The BBC has also previously expressed its openness to sharing its iPlayer technology with third-party organisations as it looks to assist the commercial media sector.