Bajaj Tempo beats slump in tractor market

New Delhi: In sharp contrast to the slump in tractor sales across the industry, leading automobile and fast-emerging tractor manufacturer Bajaj Tempo Ltd (BTL) has achieved a stunning 110-per cent sales growth in the first quarter of 2002-03 (April-June) over the corresponding period last fiscal in tractor sales.

At a time when the tractor industry is witnessing a significant drop in sales (19.7 per cent in Q1 of the current financial year vis--vis last year), BTL has successfully achieved high growth in tractor sales. Now, BTLs tractor division plans to forge ahead by increasing its production target to 1,500 tractor units in the next quarter. From a single business in light commercial vehicles (LCVs), BTL today has a full product line-up, comprising LCVs (both small trucks and vans), multi-utility vehicles (passenger and goods) and three-wheelers (passenger and goods carriers).

A full range of new and modern tractors from 45HP to 25 HP are now available, sporting advanced productivity features for agricultural fieldwork as also offering Synchromesh Transmission for advantage in haulage operations. BTLs wide range of tractors includes the original versions the Ox 45, Ox 35, Ox 25 and the newly developed market-friendly and most modern Balwan 400 and Balwan 500 Tractors. BTL tractors with this range now cater to 95 per cent of the tractor market.

The hi-tech BTL tractors offer varied benefits to end customers, in terms of high performance at competitive prices. This is achieved due to the high productivity resulting in high profits. The reliability, versatility, comfort and looks are world-class. BTL plans to shortly add Balwan 300 and Balwan 450 tractors to its existing range to cover 100 per cent of the market.

The Firodia enterprise BTL, a Rs 632-crore turnover company, has its presence felt in four major product lines in the automobile industry: LCVs, utility vehicles, three-wheelers and tractors. BTLs four areas of excellence include: research and development, production engineering, power-packed manufacturing and hi-tech vehicle assembly.