25 new launches at Auto Expo to bring in more business: Mukand

Mumbai: The derived demand for steel from new launches at the Auto Expo seems to have put a smile on the face of Mukand Ltd.

Mukand is a manufacturer of specialty steel long products in India, and 80 per cent of the company's special and alloy steel production feeds into the automobile sector. Critical auto parts, such as engine components, power trains, transmission components, suspension and steering components, fuel injection systems, bearings, etc. are manufactured from Mukand's steel.

According to Rajesh V Shah, co-chairman and managing director of Mukand Ltd., Mukand is an approved supplier for specialty steels to several global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Mukand is in the midst of a capex programme to enhance its steel-making capacity, anticipating a surge in demand given India's changing status as the manufacturing hub of auto components to the world. Mukand will need to expand capacity many fold to cater to these requirements. 

According to Niraj Bajaj, chairman and managing director of Mukand Ltd., 25 launches at this year's auto expo could only mean more business for Mukand.