Bajaj Auto launches CNG three-wheelers in Indonesia

Mumbai: Bajaj Auto today launched its CNG three-wheeler in Indonesia. The Bajaj CNG will replace the dated two-stroke three-wheelers that ply in Jakarta. Around 250 vehicles will be replaced by the end of October 2006, and 15,000 vehicles are expected to be replaced in the near future. The opening of this market is expected to add significantly to Bajaj auto's three-wheeler exports, which crossed the 75,000 mark in 2005-06.

Bajaj Auto would be retailing the vehicles through its distributor PT Abdi Raharja. The master showroom and workshop has been built with three floors of 600sq metre area each, and is located centrally in South Jakarta.

According to Sanjiv Bajaj, executive director, Bajaj Auto Ltd, "We are proud to offer the Bajaj four-stroke CNG three-wheelers to the people of Indonesia. Jakarta is a very large, modern city and there is a need to replace the existing three-wheelers with a convenient, comfortable yet economical transport. We are happy to offer the Bajaj CNG, which will complement existing mass transport, to provide fast and easy point-to-point transportation solution to the citizens of the city."

The Bajaj CNG three-wheelers have a four-stroke engine and can run on both CNG and petrol, and come with a host of safety measures. The enclosed cabin provides safety to the passengers and drivers apart from being secure from theft. The CNG cylinders are manufactured by Worthington of Austria, and tested and approved by international testing agency Bureau Veritas. The vehicle is also fitted with a 'bursting disc', which acts as a safety valve and releases gas into the atmosphere, if the pressure of the gas in the cylinder exceeds 300kg/cm .

The Bajaj CNG three-wheeler conforms to emission norms ECE R-40 as per Decree KEP-141 of 2003 issued by state minister of environmental affairs, Indonesia, and reduces carbon monoxide (CO) emissions by over 90 per cent, non-methane hydrocarbons emissions by almost 75 per cent, carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions by 25 per cent, and particulate matter load by 70 per cent as compared to the existing two-strokes vehicles. Apart from India, Bajaj three-wheelers are used in Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, Egypt besides of course Bangladesh where 25,000 CNG vehicles already ply. In India, the vehicles can be seen where CNG supply is available. 50,000 units in New Delhi and 30,000 units in Mumbai are currently plying.