BP directed to reopen capped well to check seepage in ocean floor

The US government has directed BP to submit a plan for the reopening of its capped oil well in the Gulf of Mexico on concerns that the oil could be seeping from the floor of the ocean close to the well.

According to the US government official Thad Allen who is tasked with the responsibility of cleaning up the oil spill, the plan would need to be put into action as early as possibly.

On release of the cap, oil would be funnelled to the surface once again.

According to BP it would need three days to start the process during which oil would be released into the sea.

The well started leaking oil into the Gulf with the Deepwater Horizon oil rig of BP exploding on 20 April, leaving 11 workers dead. The rig capsized two days later.
BP was hoping to retain the cap in place until relief wells stopped the leak permanently.

However, with pressure readings on lower than expected pressure readings scientists raised concerns of the oil leaking into the surrounding undersea bedrock.