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Airtel launches website to allow users to track Project Leap

29 December 2015

Bharti Airtel, the country's top telecom company, has launched a special wesbite that allows customers to know the progress of its Rs60,000-crore network transformation programme, Project Leap, across various localities.

With customers will be able to get a transparent view of coverage of voice and high speed broadband services. They will also be able to see sites planned in their localities, seek help on hosting sites and share the site upgradation plan for every site.

The microsite allows customers to see the network coverage for voice, basic data services (2G) and high speed data services (3G/ 4G) in their regions. Customers will also be able to see sites that have been forcibly shut down in their locality.

"With the launch of Project Leap, Airtel is investing company-wide resources in ramping up our network infrastructure towards this modernisation drive and improving the service experience delivered to every customer," Gopal Vittal, MD and CEO, Bharti Airtel (India and South Asia), said.

We are happy that the project is making quick strides in enhancing our network quality and are focused on implementing a Project Leap strategy down to each and every location, he said.

The "new website is targeted as a first-of-its-kind effort in sharing with total transparency the progress we are making in every street and locality in the country," according to Vital.

Key highlights relating to Airtel's network transformation exercise at national and state level are also included. In the locality map, information on the status of modernization of all the Airtel sites in that locality can be seen.

The website also gives Airtel's 240 million plus customers the opportunity to participate in the network transformation programme.

Customers can also volunteer to host a site in a planned or a forcibly shut site location and contribute actively to this network enhancement drive. Specific sections with information on radio waves, network FAQs and what customers can expect from network transformation programme are also featured.

Bharti Airtel announced the Rs60,000 crore investment in a comprehensive network transformation program, `Project Leap', on 15 November, with plans to add around 160,000 sites in the next three years.

In the next three months, Airtel will be adding nearly 23,000 high speed data sites enhancing the overall network experience for customers.

The ambitious network transformation project is aimed at meeting the growing demand of voice and high speed data services in India and helping Airtel deliver the best network experience for its customers now, and for years to come.

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