BHEL develops India's first ultra high voltage transformer

Shortly on the heels of announcing that it had manufactured and successfully tested the country's first large capacity new series 600 MW turbo generator earlier this month, state-owned  BHEL today said that it had developed and tested India's first very-high voltage transformer  for Power Grid Corporation.

BHEL manufactured and tested an indigenously developed 1,200-kV ultra high voltage AC transformer at its Bhopal facility.

The transformer will be installed AT India's first experimental 1200 kV national test station at Bina tghat is beinf set up by PowerGrid.

BHEL is the biggest transformer manufacturer in India with a capacity to manufacture 45,000 MVA of transformers/reactors per annum.

Last week BHEL said it had  set a new benchmark with the successful development of 600 MW turbo generator for its Haridwar plant for the upcoming North Chennai Thermal Power Project being set up by the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board.

Significantly, the new series generators beinng made by BHEL will cater to the requirements of thermal power stations with supercritical turbines of 660 and 700 MW ratings.

Several sets of 600 MW, 660 MW, 700 MW and 800 MW ratings are presently under various stages of manufacture at BHEL's Haridwar plant.