Bajaj Auto granted European patent for ExhausTEC torque booster

Mumbai: Two-wheeler maker Bajaj Auto today said that the European Patent Office (EPO) has granted it a patent for its ExhausTEC invention.

According to the company, ExhausTEC significantly improves low-range and mid-range torque in a single cylinder four stroke engine.

"Bajaj's patented DTS-i twin spark technology and ExhausTEC together deliver unbeatable ''fuel efficiency + performance'' combination to its customers", the company said in a press release.

Earlier in March 2009, the  Indian Patent Office had granted a patent to ExhausTEC to Bajaj.

The European patent derives priority from the corresponding Indian patent application dated August 6, 2004 and is valid till August 5, 2024.

"The European grant awarded now after a stringent examination, is a solid reaffirmation," the release said.

"Bajaj is in an enviable position of being the only automotive manufacturer to offer a unique package of two path breaking technologies in a motorcycle to its customers - DTS-i that delivers superior performance (higher power output with better fuel efficiency) compared to conventional four stroke engines and ExhausTEC that offers improved low end and mid range torque."

Bajaj says that August 2004 it has manufactured and sold over 5 million motorcycles with this technology.