Bajaj XCD 125 DTS-Si tops 125cc motorcycle sales in India

Mumbai: Bajaj Auto Ltd, India's second largest two-wheeler manufacturer, says that the Bajaj XCD 125 DTS-Si, launched in September 2007  is India's largest selling 125 cc motorcycle. With average sales of 27,000 units per month in Quarter 1 of 2008-09, the Bajaj XCD has overtaken all established 125cc brands.

The Bajaj XCD 125 with its multiple features and better fuel efficiency has been instrumental in migrating customers away from the 100 cc segment. The 125 cc + segment today constitutes almost 40 per cent of the motorcycle market, up from only 25 per cent two years ago.

Bajaj has a dominant market share of almost 50 per cent in the 125 cc + segment. Bajaj XCD 125 alone contributes 13 per cent of the 125 cc + segment, a feat not achieved by other 125cc products after years of existence.

Amit Nandi, general manager (marketing & probiking) Bajaj Auto, said, '' 60 per cent of  Bajaj XCD 125 DTS-Si customers were erstwhile 100 cc customers who felt compelled to choose the XCD 125 over other 100 cc products due to its obvious superiority on performance, features and  fuel economy on the one hand and the sporty, youthful image of the Bajaj Brand on the other.''

In continuation of its strategy to woo 100cc customers to superior performing 125cc+ products Bajaj plans to launch more bikes in the XCD platform after the XCD 125 DTS-Si. This will further accelerate the unabated decline of the 100cc segment from 75 per cent of the market two years ago to only 60 per cent now.