IMImobile and BPL Mobile helps Mumbai Police target drunk drivers

Hyderabad: IMImobile, the global provider of value added services for mobile operators, content providers and media agencies, today announced that the company has teamed up with BPL Mobile to help Mumbai Police track drunk drivers.

Hyderabad based IMImobile has developed a unique customised solution for the police force with an easily accessible mobile database and interface to track repeat and new drunk drivers. With BPL Mobile providing the network connectivity, police are able to access criminal records at speed and crucially, at the scene of the crime via their mobile phones.

The traffic police  can check offenders' records with greater efficiency ensuring repeat offenders do not slip through the net and new offenders are logged on the system from the outset. 

 An added benefit of the solution is the fact the system is able to send out SMS alerts on known offenders to the entire police units, especially useful during busy festival season. The database is confidential with only top ranking officials having complete access.

IMImobile is a leading provider of carrier-grade messaging platforms and gateways, content management systems, and voice platforms through managed services.  Services provided by these platforms include interactive portals, community and user generated content applications, caller ring back tone and video streaming. 

IMImobile delivers managed VAS and content platforms and aggregates content for operators and portals, manages the delivery of content for content partners and manages mobile campaigns for media, advertising and enterprise customers.

The customers include operators such as Airtel and Vodafone Essar enterprise customers such as Google and Reuters, content partners and portal customers such as Yahoo!, Sony, Disney and Universal.