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AT Kearney office in Mumbainews
Our Corporate Bureau
24 November 2003
New Delhi: Global management consulting firm AT Kearney has indicated that it might open its second office in India, in Mumbai.

"We have specific plans on this matter, which will be reviewed in the next few weeks. A final decision on whether to open the office in Mumbai or not is expected to be taken by February next year," says Heinz Ludwig Klein, CEO-elect, AT Kearney. Klein, who was elected as CEO of AT Kearney in October, is slated to assume office from 1 December.

He made it clear that AT Kearney will not go in for a large office network in India, given that the country is still a 'non-mature' market for consulting. "I do not see a large office network other than probably these two - the current one in New Delhi, and may be one in Mumbai," he said.

He said the decision to have an office in Mumbai will, to a large extent, depend on the support that the organisation could provide for such a plan. "If you want to be successful in a non-mature market, you need the support of the whole organisation. Otherwise, it will not be feasible to open a new office," Klein said.

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AT Kearney office in Mumbai