Digimax India launches i-Pod accessories in India

/companies/companies_a/Apple/images/images (713 bytes)Digimax India Inc, authorised distributor for Monster Cable Products Inc in India, has now launched Monster Cable i-Pod accessories in the country. I-Pod is Apple Computer's pocket-sized MP3 player which can save and play over 4,000 songs on a small hard drive. The accessories include the iSports Case, the iCar Play, the iCase Travel Pack, iSpeaker Portable, iCar Charger, iSplitter, and iCable.

"Monster controls more than 54 per cent of the world's cabling market, selling in over 100 countries at different price points" says Digimax India CEO Zareer Porbunderwalla, adding, "other manufacturers may make similar products at cheaper price points, but Monster is Monster; it does not compromise on quality." Monster i-Pod accessories have been launched in Mumbai and will soon be available in other cities. They are already available through counters that sell Apple i-Pods. Digimax is soon going to launch i-Cruz, the latest product in Monster''s Apple accessories line.

Monster is known to audio, video, car, photo, computer, movie and music enthusiasts for its product line up. Starting in a San Francisco garage 25 years ago, Noel Lee aka 'Head Monster' created the first Monster cable to get better sound from stereo speakers. Many of today's hottest CDs are mixed and mastered in studios completely wired with Monster cable. Monster's range of products encompasses over 4,000 items including speakers, subwoofers, furniture, camera bags, cell phone headsets, PowerCells, power line conditioners, voltage stabilisers, surge protectors and every kind of cable imaginable.

Digimax India has, within three years of its launch, become a leading distribution company for premium brands under the Rockford Corporation, which are considered the finest in the auto audio industry. It is also the sole authorised distribution office for Monster Cable Products Inc in India.