Magnetic Pulse Generators: A breakthrough in power production

The Advanced Magnetic Group, LLC, has announced a breakthrough in the field of power production, after nearly 30 years of experimentation. The group has created a new generator that enables everything, from factories and automobiles to refrigerators and handheld tools, to double their output and efficiency without increasing consumption or costs.

The magnetic pulse generator uses neodymium in a new technology, which produces a magnetic force 50 times stronger than a normal magnet. The generator is thus able to produce greater levels of electricity with less effort and resources.

With this technology, the AMG generator has the potential to drastically improve products that use electricity. By reducing overall energy consumption, not only will costs for business and home users be reduced, but a beneficial effect on the environmental impact of current modes of electrical production, will also be evident.

Working with physicists and New Hampshire government officials, AMG is currently testing the generator to prove that it can produce double the output of today's electrical generators with the same or less intake of energy.