Accenture to be connsultant for the UK's Smart Grid roll out

The UK's department of energy and climate change  (DECC) has asked consulting firm Accenture provide strategic consulting on the planning and implementation of smart grids in the UK.

Accenture will be responsible for analysing the UK's electricity grid network and market structure, and will advise on the country's readiness to adopt smart grid technology and services.

Accenture will also support DECC on the development of a business case showing the financial viability of smart grids in the UK and on the potential benefits that they could deliver.

Smart grids represent the next generation of electricity distribution that will help the UK reduce its carbon emissions. Smart grids are designed to give energy and utility companies the ability to manage distributed sources of renewable energy, such as energy generated from wind farms and biomass plants, in the most effective way. An underlying 'intelligent infrastructure' in the smart grid also helps to reduce wasted power generation and network losses by automatically distributing power optimally.

Smart grids will further support the use of electric cars and help consumers offer power they generate at home back to the grid. In essence, smart grids provide the network that enables households to create their own low carbon homes.

''The UK government has some of the most ambitious emissions targets in the world and smart grids will be play a central in achieving them, by helping to reduce electricity consumption and by better managing intermittent renewable sources,'' says Omar Abbosh, managing director of Accenture's Resources operating group in the UK and Ireland.

Abbosh, adds, ''Smart grids are a national priority but will be built locally. As such, city authorities will play a major part in making smart grids the basis for low carbon living, working and transport.''

Accenture is helping cities and utilities deploy smart meters and smart grids in Asia, Europe and North America. Accenture also supports them through its Intelligent City Network, in which public and private sector organizations committed to building smart grids exchange practical knowledge and experience. About AccentureAccenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.