Apple working with LG Display on foldable iPhone: report

Apple is said to be working with LG Display, a display solutions arm of LG, on a foldable iPhone. According to a report in The Investor, South Korea, LG Display has created a task force to develop a foldable OLED screen for an iPhone model which would be launched in 2020. According to the report, LG Innotek is also working on developing flexible printed circuit board or RFPCB for the foldable iPhones.

The report citing industry sources, said the panel production would start from 2020, which could see the launch of its iPhone postponed to that year. The report, however, added that foldable display panel production for iPhones might start by early 2019.

Samsung, however, holds an edge over Apple on foldable smartphones . The rumoured featuring foldable display would launch next year. The company is currently supplying its first batch of foldable panels to a number of Chinese handset makers as also to its parent company.

The report added that LG has been working on its own foldable OLED panels for years, and is reportedly improving its durability as well as yield rate. Currently, Samsung is the only supplier of OLED panels for the iPhone X. The report added that Samsung could be expected to be supplier of displays for Apple next year too.