Apple to launch Theatre Mode to allow texting at movies

Apple's latest update might be just the thing texting addicts had hoped for. With iOS 10.3 scheduled to debut 10 January, according to a number of tweets, reported.

Citing sources, the report said, the software would also include a 'Theatre Mode' presented as a popcorn shaped icon that dimmed the display and disabled features to make devices suitable for movie theatres.

The news appeared on Twitter last Saturday courtesy Sonny Dickson, who was known for sharing inside Apple details.

Whether the rumoured iOS 10.3 update, would actually include a Theatre Mode, has not yet been confirmed.

However, according to AppleInsider, the new mode could "quickly disable sound systems and haptic feedback, block incoming calls and message and reduce initial screen brightness during a movie".

The new function could be on the same lines as the iPhone's, 'Do Not Disturb' feature that muted alerts when activated.

Apple also owned a patent for 'Theatre Mode', which it had published in 2012 and though the patent made no mention of 'Theatre Mode', it described similar technology that would be automatically activated by specific GPS coordinates and cellular triangulation.

"While the user is in the movie theatre, the mobile device deactivates its cellular communications interface and/or automatically sets the device to a silent mode,' reads the patent published in 2012.

Meanwhile, commentators, point out that it had been only a couple of weeks since Apple released iOS 10.2 update, and now it seemed the company already had iOS 10.3 update in the pipeline. They point out that Dark Mode was being teased since iOS 10 beta which basically dimmed the display and replaced whites with blacks. This was not only easier on the eyes when staring at the pone in dark but was also ideal for OLED displays widely said to be scheduled to debut on next year's iPhone 8, as they did not consume as much power as standard displays.