Apple's $1.05-bn award against Samsung cut to $598 mn

Technology giant Apple Inc received a major blow on Friday in its protracted patent battle with South Korea's Samsung Electronics after a US federal judge reduced the $1.05 billion damages awarded last year by a jury by 43 per cent.

In one of the most closely-watched trials in the high-tech industry, US District Judge Lucy Koh, who presided over the case last year, overturned the jury's $1.05 billion award by about $450.5 million to $598.9 million and set a new trial to determine damages.

Koh said that the jury had incorrectly calculated part of the award and the damages will be reassessed in a new trial, which could be increased or lowered.

According to Koh, the jury had not properly followed her instruction in calculating some of the damages, and mistakes were made while determining when Apple had first notified Samsung about the alleged infringement of patents for its iPhone and IPad.

Adam Yates, a Samsung spokesman, said in a statement that the company was pleased with the judge's decision but it will seek further review of the remaining award.

Last August, Apple scored a decisive victory against its arch rival when the jury awarded $1.05 billion in damages against Samsung for infringing six of Apple patents including the bounce-back feature and design looks.

Apple and Samsung have been battling it out in the global smartphone market, but the South Korean giant slowly worked its up last year to corner a major chunk of the world's smartphone market.

Since the past two years both companies have filed patent lawsuits against each other in eight other countries, including South Korea, Germany, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, France and Australia.