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Devas to take strong legal steps to protect its rights and interests news
16 February 2011

Reacting to a government move to annul its contract with Antrix in the wake of the S-band spectrum controversy, Devas Multimedia today said it would take ''strong'' legal steps to protect its rights and interests.

The company pointed out that it had a legally binding agreement with Antrix, ISRO's commercial arm, Devas said it expected that the government would honour its part of the deal and it would take strong steps, including legal to protect its rights.

''We have grave concerns regarding the government's statement today on pre-meditated annulment of the agreement, despite pending high-power committee and CAG reviews which are still in the preliminary stages,'' a statement issued by the Bangalore-based company said.

The company termed the government's unilateral decision to terminate the contract ''without due investigative process and without following the principles of natural justice as ''disturbing and inappropriate''.

''In spite of the company's willingness to co-operate and assist in required government reviews without prejudice to our legal rights, we have not yet heard from the government in this regard,'' the statement said.

''The Devas-DOS / ISRO / Antrix Agreement is in line with the government's 1997 SatCom Policy. The company has complied with all its obligations under this agreement and is in compliance with all laws and rules in respect of conducting its business,'' it said.

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Devas to take strong legal steps to protect its rights and interests