Amazon to roll out 10,000 electric delivery rickshaws in India

Online marketplace Amazon will roll out 10,000 electric delivery rickshaws in India as a part of company’s climate pledge to reduce carbon footprint.

CEO Jeff Bezos announced the plan at the end of a three-day visit to India, during which he also proposed important announcements, including major expansion and investment plans in the country.
The roll-out of electric delivery rickshaws in India is a part of company’s climate pledge to reduce carbon footprint. Bezos also shared a video on Twitter to introduce the new fleet of e-rickshaws meant for doorstep delivery.
Bezos’ move to switch to electric mobility would also be an incentive for automobile companies trying to switch over to electric vehicles and help the government achieve carbon reduction targets.
In India, where the government has fast-tracked EVs and their numbers have increased manifold, the primary first movers have been fleet owners like Ola Cabs and Amazon.
In a letter published last week, Amazon reiterated its focus on eliminating single-use plastics from its fulfilment networks in India by June 2020. Amazon India also announced it would be increasing its electric rickshaw fleet in India by 10,000.
The e-rickshaw fleet would also help Amazon, achieve faster delivery and streamline the processes, thereby helping to improve sales. 
This isn’t the first time a retail major has highlighted the use of electric rickshaws. Back in August 2018, when Ikea began operations in India with its Hyderabad store, the company went the e-rickshaw way. At the time, the vehicles were purchased from Gayam Motor Works.
An e-rickshaw fleet that depends on a Li-Ion battery, also promises lower daily running cost, as low as 50 paise per km. 
In aligning with green initiatives, Amazon has globally committed to be carbon neutral by 2040. This process has been initiated as the company looks to buy 1,00,000 electric delivery vans from US based, Rivian. 
With Amazon India focused on scaling up operations in the country, and its delivery network reaching even remote regions in the country, the e-commerce giant could plan this.
The fleet was unveiled through a short video that Jeff Bezos shared on Twitter. It also shows Bezos himself riding an e-rickshaw with his name on it.