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UK teenager finds ''help me'' note inside Amazon Christmas delivery

04 December 2017

A mother said her teenage daughter discovered a "help me" note hidden inside an Amazon Christmas delivery.

According to Kim Dorsett, her 13-yer-old daughter, April, found the words scrawled onto an invoice inside a 30 make-up advent calendar ordered by her dad Philip.

The note read: "Help me please, PMP staff are evil."

PMP is Amazon's recruitment agency tasked to fill jobs at its distribution sites.

Only a week back a Sunday Mirror investigation exposed shocking working conditions inside Amazon's huge warehouse in Tilbury, Essex.

Mother Kim said her daughter was worried about Amazon workers' wellbeing after reading the note.

Kim, 32, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, said: "I want to know if it's a prank or if they have people in sweatshops.

April's parents had ordered a note inside the calendar saying ''love from mum and dad''.

''We asked April 'have you read the note?' and she said 'do you mean this one?'' Mrs Dorsett said, reported.

''That's when we saw it. I thought 'this isn't right'."

Mrs. Dorsett said her worried daughter is a vegan and that she "likes to know people and animals are OK".

"This is quite worrying. It's the sort of thing you hear about happening in sweatshops in China.''

"My other half ordered the calendar as a present. He ordered a note in it saying 'love from mum and dad'.

PMP said in a statement that they do not believe the comment was accurate but they would be investigating it nonetheless.

"PMP Recruitment employs over 100,000 people across a range of clients, many of whom have stayed with us for a number of years, or return each year during our peak trading period, so we do not recognise the comment made as being an accurate or fair representation of the employee experience we provide," the statement read.

''We provide various channels to raise concerns, including a confidential helpline, and have not received any complaints of this nature.''

"We do, however, take such comments extremely seriously and will be investigating in conjunction with our client.''

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